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Old Clothes, New Outfits

Old Clothes, New Outfits

Q: Where can I find the top youโ€™re wearing?

A: In my closet or others that also purchased it 4 years ago...

I was reading an article about the difference between fashion and style recently and it discussed the idea of fashion pertaining to a certain set of pieces or individual ones while style being the way we wear them. I have never been about the latest trendy piece making the outfit exciting, instead I favor the combination of different pieces and how they are worn or aesthetic created. So, I would deem this more of a style blog verses fashion blog.

On my โ€˜Shopโ€™ page I share outfits I have worn and attach a link to each piece or similar ones. You may have noticed, it is hardly EVER to the same item. The reason behind this is that all my clothes, or the ones I wear most often, are old or ones I've found at thrift shops. I have pieces from 2009 I wear all the time and unfortunately the brand hasn't kept them in stock. So what I do is find similar pieces that combined would evoke a similar style to the particular ensemble to recreate the aesthetic.

This also serves 3 purposes -

1. Putting the importance on the style instead of the brands.

2. To show other ways of sporting the same style, because we all wear things in our own way.

3. Sharing new pieces that are out there!


Below I have listed a few examples - An outfit paired with current pieces that recreate the overall look I was going for.


I really like mixing up dressy with more casual pieces. Also, anything comfortable while being feminine is my favorite.

Coat: Club Monaco over a year ago

T-Shirt Dress: H&M 2 years ago

Shoes: H&M a couple months ago - The black ones are still available here!


Again with the dress and fancy coat. I see there's a theme here. I love a dress with knee high boots in the fall and winter months. Another look that is comfy while being a little dressy. Literally.

Coat: T.J. Maxx 2 couple years ago, it's faux fur and I love the high collar - feel super fancy

Dress: hand-me-down and the brand logo is no longer in tact

Scarf: Urban Outfitters - still available here

Boots: I honestly have no idea where I got these because I've had them so long and the brand name has worn off on the bottoms... 


I am always seeing socks as a statement accessory. Even though I matched them with the sweater, I still love the look of a sock peeking out of a boot. I think it gives a really casual cool look.

Boots: Tory Burch Ebay find

Coat: Target 2 years ago

Sweater: brand is Mamacita and was a hand-me-down 

Jeans: Madewell - Ebay find a couple years ago

Bag: Zara last year

Sunglasses: Pitaya last year - love a cat-eye

Gloves: Urban Outfitters last year


I think I have said this many times before on here but I since last summer, I am obsessed with overalls. These I found recently at H&M and are super soft and stretchy. I really like the speckled mockneck sweater and anything with extra long sleeves, I feel like it makes the piece and overall look more fun.

Overalls: H&M a few weeks ago

Sweater: Thrift Shop - no brand

Shoes: Converse - borrowed from a friend

Bag: DSW a couple years ago

Hat: Forever 21 a couple years ago

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters - still available here!

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