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14 Places for Inspiration Online

14 Places for Inspiration Online

The internet can be a very scary and toxic place. With the ability to hide behind a screen, damaging words and sensitive content can be shared and spread in an instant, often leading to hurtful and even detrimental outcomes.

My goal with this platform is to always put something positive out into cyberspace. It's so important and I feel every bit counts. We now have the crazy cool ability to share whatever we want and connect with people all over the world. What is most special is when this sharing (such as the things on this list) serves to make a positive impact and help whomever is interested and so easy to spread all over the world. I love revisiting each below when I need a pick me up or get re-energized. My bookmarks are kind of getting out of hand but it's only goodness!

These are a few things I've discovered recently in the hopes you too are inspired, maybe comforted, motivated, what have you, just get some good feels too. 

Check them out and I hope you enjoy!


1. The Happiness & Confidence section of WellandGood.com

2. Wellhappy.net
A positive influence brand & lifestyle publication on all things sustainable wellness

3. Marieforleo.com
Marie is incredible and is "an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be."

4. Girltalkhq.com
Global Headquarters of Female Empowerment News Media

Articles/Blog Posts:

5. "I Illustrated Some Of The Freaking Amazing Ways We Are Always Connected To The Universe And All Life On Earth" from Mishablaise and Bored Panda

6. "Taming Your Inner Critic" and "Cultivating Kindness" from Nourishing Our Radiance blog

7. "25 Ethical Brands That Give Back With Each Purchase" from Sustainably Chic blog

Social Media/Instagram:

8. @featherdownsoul
"Poetess. Universe breather. Tripper overer of things. INFJ."

9. @findingmyverse - Jacqueline Whitney
 "verse ‘\ˈvərs\ : (n) a purpose, a passion, a path, an absolute fulfiller of life hey, you're not alone."

10. @goodlifeproject 
"A global community on a quest to help each other rise"

11. @polarprogram
 "A community of mental health warriors, learning to be their own best advocates"


12. Sheryl Sandberg's interview Using Your Voice For Good

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Athleta: The Power of She

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