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Feel Good Friday - The Giving Keys

Hi everyone!

It's Friday! Weeee!!!

So the Feel Good Friday blurb this week ...


      I was first introduced to The Giving Keys a year or so ago while I was a Pure Barre teacher. We sold them at our studio and they were always a huge hit. Each of us teachers had one (or a few) as well as countless clients and would collectively wear them while we taught and took class. But why? One of the many things I love about The Giving Keys is that each one is unique. Also, you will notice that each has a different message engraved in the center of an old refurbished key. A cool thing is that each of the keys has a history, a life of it's own, and I'm sure endless stories to tell. Nonetheless, if ever one is in need of a little extra motivation, this is an ideal "key" accessory.

The Giving Keys - Courage

   I don't know how many times I have personally worn mine while taking a fitness class or going about my daily life and maybe just a glance at the key gave me that much needed reminder to give an extra push. Even for a fraction of a second. Every little bit counts, right? The one I currently own is a necklace that has the word "Courage" engraved on it because for me, often my greatest obstacle is fear. Especially at the time in my life when I purchased it. When I bought the necklace I was feeling extremely fearful of so many things and was admittedly in a dark place. Fear among many things was the strongest feeling holding me back from leaving that place.

While a Giving Key can be a keepsake for yourself, they are also intended to be passed on. This is where they get their "giving" part. The ultimate goal of the company and each item they make is to pay it forward. Purchase whatever message speaks to you, embrace the key and all it means to you, start a wonderful change (hopefully), and if you come across someone who needs the same message more than you do, pass it on. Pay it forward and help make someone else feel good. Caitlin Crosby, the creator of the Giving Keys, who was born in Hollywood wanting to "rebel from all the vanity" she saw says in her TED Talk (linked below):

"I think it is our responsibility as humans to take of each other."

- Caitlin Crosby

You can even share your story with the world about how your key impacted your life or your experience in passing it onto someone else on their website (or read others' stories!).  In addition to all this great stuff, they also employ the homeless! Which is partially how it was even started in the first place!

Watch Caitlin's TED Talk:



Thank you again for reading and happy Friday everyone!!

Here's to feeling and doing good!



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Feel Good Friday - Statement Pieces

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