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Quick Guide to Comfy Winter Outfit Staples

Quick Guide to Comfy Winter Outfit Staples

Happy February 1st!!

More and more I feel like I am just rolling out of bed and wrapping myself up in a cocoon of soft things for the day. My favorites are anything fuzzy, soft, wool (kind of opposite to the others), and faux fur. Comfort is the number 1 priority for me in the winter alongside some fierce warmth. Below, I've gathered some things that are great for a comfy day braving cold temps.


1. Warm Accessories

I mean, can we take a moment for the matching striped red hat and gloves? Omg.

(Left to Right)

Scarves: Black / Pink / Green / Grey

Hats: Speckled / Red / Pink / Light Blue

Gloves: White / Red / Blue

2. Sweater Dress

The best paired with an over-the-knee boot or booties with tights. Long coat approved too. 

(Left to Right)  Grey / Pink / Navy / Checkered

3. Cozy Jacket

The (faux) furrier the better.

(Left to Right)  Brown / Pink / Black / Burgundy

4. Comfortable Footwear

Some soul for your soles to deal with the cold snow... Idk.

(Left to Right)  Over-the-Knee Black / Black Nike Sneaker / Camel Boot / Pink / Black Soft Boot

5. Slouchy Sweater

Only thing that won't be slouching will be you...

(Left to Right)  Speckled / Off-white / Cranberry / Beige w/choker

5. Versatile Bottoms

Can never go wrong with a soft jean and a big sweater. Madewell jeans are known to be super soft as well as Mother Denim, but on the more affordable side - Zara has some killer options for soft jeans! Also, love these skirts.

(Left to Right)  Madewell Jean / Check Skirt / Camel Skirt / Fleece-lined Legging

6. Base Layers (optional)

Can go without some underlayers (Is that a word? I'm sticking with it) or with. Depends on how you're feeling that day I guess... If it's a weekend: all tights are off sometimes, right? (I had to say that because when I thought of it, I couldn't stop laughing)

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