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What's In My Carry-on Bag?

What's In My Carry-on Bag?

As many of you know, I am currently in Chicago! I felt it was only appropriate to share what my carry-on bag essentials are and what I like to have with me as I walk through these frigid temps. Did not plan on sharing any of these, so it's genuinely what I bring! Was inside hiding from the cold and thought I'd lay out and share what I brought as this is the usual collection of items I bring whenever traveling. Will be sharing a roundup of outfits from my trip on Friday!

Also wasn't aware I color coordinate so much... Am clearly a light pink and mint girl through and through.

Below are links for the items and a little description of why I like to have them. Do you usually bring any of these? What do you like in your carry-on bag?

carry-on bag essentials

1. I bring this Zara backpack with me EVERYWHERE. I actually plan on getting a black one so that it will be a great staple, but this pink goes with everything anyways, therefore I haven't felt the need to purchase another.

 2. Actually found these gloves at Forever 21 for about $7! A big plus - you can use your phone without having to annoyingly take them off.

3. My favorite journal and what I use for any notes throughout the day! It says "It's Whats Inside That Counts" on the front. :)

4. Pink with sparkles phone charger - self explanatory.

5. Something that is absolutely required to myself is that my phone is never low on charge, especially when traveling solo. I always have an extra charger or external battery with me just in case! They have so many out there, can find this one here.

6. My favorite sunglasses as I've mentioned countless times before. Always have them with me! They are Sienna Alexander London and sometimes I take off the tinted clip-on and just wear them as glasses!

7. Confession: I found the wireless mouse on Ebay for a fraction of the price!

8. Thank you to my dear friend Joyy for introducing me! She sells these at her barre studio, Barre Reaction, and I have hardly let go of it since purchasing. I love this water bottle and every time someone buys a SOMA filter, they donate to charity: water projects and the contributions go directly to sustainable, community-owned water projects in developing countries.

9. As I mentioned before, I didn't plan on sharing what was in my bag. My diet lately has been 50% candy canes.

10. I love this laptop sleeve! It has 3 pockets and is so cute with the strawberries. I found it a while ago on Etsy by Joijoi Designs. She carries a bunch of others, more fruit options, and other cute designs! Also comes with a strap but I usually am just putting it in my bag so I don't usually need it. Love this!

11. This wallet is 5 years old... But it's still kickin!

12. My favorite chapstick right now and it's the perfect amount of tint! This one is called 'Cherry Me' and it is the perfect little hint of color. Always have it on me!

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