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Boyfriend Material

Since it is now November and the weather is getting colder by the second, one of my go-to pieces is a men's sweater or tee. There is really nothing better than an oversized sweater with comfy skinnies or leggings paired with boots or flats when all you want is warmth and comfort. Roll up the sleeves once or twice, add several bracelets and bangles to each wrist to make it look more fun and feminine. I don't know what it is that makes these pieces made for men different than women's, maybe that extra material that makes them more roomy, I'm not sure but I like it. The best pieces are pullover sweaters, henleys, and v-neck t-shirts. I usually stick to a solid color, since it's the perfect cozy basic.

Here are some examples taken from the men's section of J.Crew and H&M to perfect your 'boyfriend' style:

Jewelry With Good Juju

Aztec Clay Face Mask (Skincare)

Aztec Clay Face Mask (Skincare)