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Aztec Clay Face Mask (Skincare)

Aztec Clay Face Mask (Skincare)

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite (and best) face masks! I originally had gotten the tip from a professional model's Instagram I follow, Allie Crandell, and have been completely hooked ever since!! First of all, I love that it is actually affordable ($8 at Whole Foods or on Amazon HERE!) and really WORKS!

Being a girl that has always and forever had issues with her skin, a face product that works is hard to come by. Since using this mask at least once per week for 35-55 minutes, I have noticed a huge change in the quality of my skin. My pores are shrinking and skin has gotten an extra glow, so I knew I had to share it!


Step 1: Mix equal parts of the mask and apple cider vinegar (I usually use 2 tablespoons each) in a bowl

IMG_2980 (1)

Step 2: Stir!

IMG_2985 (1)

Step 3: Put generously on face!


Step 4: Leave on until it is completely dry and basically cracks! I usually leave it on for an average of 45 minutes. Once completely dry, gently remove using warm water & moisturize!


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My Daytime makeup of the moment!

My Daytime makeup of the moment!